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Stalking: Laws, Crimes, and Defense

Stalking can take many forms. Contrary to popular belief, it does not just mean following a person to cause them distress. Stalking can also take the form of repeated letter writing and phone calls. Recently, the internet and cell phone texts have been added to the list of possible ways to stalk someone. Stalking may not sound like a serious crime but unfortunately there have been cases where stalking has resulted in a person's death.

History of Stalking Law: California
In 1990, the state of California enacted the first known stalking laws and soon after all 50 states followed suit. Since then, several foreign countries have recognized their own internal problems of stalking and enacted similar laws to those in the United States.

Stalking can quite often lead to other serious crimes' being committed which is the reason why so many laws were quickly put into action. If you have been arrested and are facing stalking charges, then you are in quite a serious situation and you should consider getting legal advice. The laws around stalking are carrying tougher and tougher penalties so you definitely need someone to make sure your interests are represented as much as possible.

Facing stalking charges?
If you are facing stalking charges, then you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney will review all the points of your case and see if you can get any leniency for special circumstances. This won't excuse what you have done but it could alter the outcome in your favor. They will also look into the legitimacy of your charges to see if you should have been arrested in the first place.

Arrested for stalking?
When you are arrested for stalking or any type of charges you could be in for a very stressful and emotionally draining experience. If your case goes to trial it could be several months before there is a result. A criminal defense attorney will not only protect your rights and interests but will be with you throughout the process to reduce the stress and aggravation on you.

A criminal defense attorney can be costly but you are entitled to legal defense under the law. If you can afford your own attorney however, it may be worth it. Stalking charges are serious. You should take this situation seriously and get advice as soon as possible. It could mean your freedom.
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