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Child Abuse
Child abuse cases litter the papers and magazines throughout the country. Almost every day, it seems as if there is another report of a parent hurting his or her child or a daycare worker taking advantage of the innocence of youth.

However, for the person wrongly accused of child abuse, the experience can be just as frightening. This is because, right or wrong, in today's society, many accused of child abuse are assumed guilty by the public. Even though the court system touts the "innocent until proven guilty" phrase, it's not always practiced. Media reporters love to find a villain; accordingly, those accused of child abuse are treated in the press as vampires, monsters, and sub-humans.

If you have been charged with child abuse and want to clear your name, don't wait to hire a good attorney. Although you will be given a public defender, your best bet for a swift end to your injustice is to hire a legal firm that will represent you with expertise and compassion.

In our years of working with persons like you who have been unjustly accused of crimes such as child abuse, we have developed methods for moving cases along. We've also developed a reputation as one of the top places to go when you want to clear your name through the use of powerful advocates.

Without someone like our law firm by your side, you could end up a victim of a child abuse allegation, and if you are convicted of the crime, your life will likely never be the same. Even after you have "served time", you'll have difficultly finding work, being accepted by new neighbors, and making new relationships.

Call or email us today and make sure that you have the best possible chance at clearing your name in your child abuse accusation. Remember - your future is at stake. Don't trust it to the public defenders; choose an aggressive and experienced attorney from our network and reap the rewards of taking your life into your own hands
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