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Grand Jury Indictments
Grand jury indictments, not surprisingly, are handled by "grand juries", a legal concept that has been around since the 12th century. Thus, they have a long-standing reputation and an honorable role in the legal and penal systems of both Europe and America.

Grand jury indictments are documents which have been issued after a grand jury has the opportunity to look over evidence presented to them by a prosecutor. The grand jury examines the burden of proof offered to them and, if the grand jury feels there is enough evidence, issues the indictments.

Grand jury indictments are not automatically given in every criminal case; often, the grand juries undertake investigations to ensure that their indictments are worthy. If they find that an indictment is unnecessary, they will decline to issue it based on lack of evidence or facts. Certainly, grand jury indictments are hardly "shoe ins".

Grand juries are comprised of citizens who are viewed as impartial. In order to make the decision whether or not to create the indictments, this panel of persons can ask for further evidence to be presented to them. Also, the grand jury can request witnesses to come to them to testify.

Thus, by the time grand juries issue their indictments, the assumption is that it has been well-researched. However, many people (and their attorneys) criticize the grand jury process and feel that grand jury indictments are not always "lock tight" as they might seem.

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